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Iron Attitude Origin

My name is Jordan Danyluk. I've been an athlete my entire life and going to the gym has been a staple since I was 18. I am also a former professional wrestler of 15 years. While wrestling, I tapped into my creative skills in order to make ring attire not only for myself but other wrestlers around the world, including many men and women in WWE.

I started Iron Attitude because of a serious lack of quality custom weight belt options available in an ever booming fitness industry. In 2013, I wanted my name and logo that I was wearing on my tights put onto a weight belt. Well,  I quickly discovered the mediocre belt personalization options offered at outrageous fees that were not customer friendly. I also had no interest in imported, mass-produced belts with cheap printed graphics. Being a designer who did everything by hand, I WANTED QUALITY. So I made myself a belt, and the response was overwhelming.

I am unique. You are unique. There is only one of everyone. Iron Attitude offers HIGH END, HAND MADE custom weightlifting belts with DOZENS and DOZENS of unique options so you can create a belt that represents YOU. From beginners to IFBB PRO's, from high school football to the NFL, we have something for everyone to help support your goals and gains, whatever they may be.

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